Behind the Look Book: Karen Walker on Choosing Albino Models to Model Sunglasses

Who better to show off Karen Walker's UV-deflecting shades than a team of sun-conscious albino models?

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Karen Walker Eyewear
Sunglasses rarely get the kind of attention they deserve in the world of high fashion look books, but Karen Walker never fails to deliver clever concepts and memorable images for her eponymous eye wear collection.
Karen Walker eyewear
Past look books featured Aztec "sun god" themes as well as a vampire-inspired shoot (complete with fanged models). For spring, Walker and husband Mikhail Gherman chose to work with an all-albino cast of models.
Karen Walker Eyewear
"Albinos are generally required to stay out of the sun due to the UV rays the sun produces," explains Walker. "With our lenses even Albinos can go outside."
Karen Walker
The collection itself features some of Walker's most famous silhouettes (including the popular "Helter Skelter" shades) as well as new candy-colored lenses.
Karen Walker Eyewear
Each season Walker finds a new way to riff on the utility her stylish sunglasses."We were conscious of the mix of fashion vs function so we wanted to get that message across in a visual way," she explains.
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Humor and practicality are hallmarks the Karen Walker brand. "All of our look books have a message, so [this] was our way of saying you can have protective eye wear that's still fun and fashion-forward."
Karen Walker Eyewear
New mod-inspired styles in the season's super-saturated hues.
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