11 Beauty Trends to Leave on the Runway

Even the edgiest fashionista won't be prepared for some of this season's over-the-top beauty looks.

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The runways are an endless source of hair and beauty inspiration, but sometimes great art is best appreciated from a distance. At Victor & Rolf, models' faces were painted bright pink-red, suggesting some kind of burn or allergic reaction. In fact, model Lindsay Wixon was sent home from Paris early after breaking out in hives from the paint.
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Vivienne Westwood is no prude when it comes to daring runway beauty. This season, she went for a coal-streaked mug with a bit of undead zombie flair. Of all this year's peculiar beauty looks, we think this one would be the most alarming to encounter in an empty subway car.
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At Thierry Mugler, models and performers marched down the runway with shock-white "hair horns," for lack of a better description. Most appeared to be glued on, but some seemed to be models' actual hair.
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Jean Paul Gaultier is no stranger to off-kilter runway beauty (remember the bright purple mullets from his spring show?), but this season's gray granny bee-hives were unusual even by Gaultier standards.
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Implausibly, a few New York designers got behind the beehive trend, too. Suno's sky-high beehives added nearly a foot to models' already considerable height. Maybe the look isn't so bad for the vertically-challenged?
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Warrior braids and dreadlocks have been a recurring theme on the runway these past few seasons, but nobody executed the look with as much fervor as Frank Tell, whose fall presentation had models in knotted mohawk braids.
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Jeremy Scott's cheeky fall collection was accented with extremely long dip-dyed pig tails, sort of a la Spice Girls in 1999.
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In general, pops of unusual hair color were a major beauty theme on the runways this season. At Mandy Coon, models peered at the audience behind bubble-gum pink bangs.
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No doubt you've heard the hubbub about the chic-ification of the "top knot." What you may not have seen, however, is the gravity-defying orb bun at Zang Toi, which looks precariously balanced on this model's head.
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London brands can always be counted on for a few over-the-top beauty creations, and this year Topshop took the prize with for their prissy "minnie mouse" hair buns.
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Second runner up was Louise Gray, whose technicolor fall collection was accented by what we're calling "confetti face" makeup. If not the right look for the office, it would certainly be suitable at a child's birthday party.
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