Beauty How-To: Shiny and Matte Nails with an Exotic Animal Print

Nail artist Naomi Yasuda shows us how to get the look in a few easy steps.

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Catherine Blair Pfander
Initially, we'd asked Brooklyn-based nail artist Naomi Yasuda to recreate this season's black french manicure for us, but the talented artist had more tricks up her sleeve than we bargained for. "Let's add an animal print," suggested Miss Yasuda, who showed us how to recreate this exotic, shiny-on-matte manicure in a few simple steps.
Catherine Blair Pfander
As an update to the black French manicure we've been seeing on the streets, Brooklyn-based nail artist Naomi Yasuda suggested: "Let's add an animal print." Here, she demonstrates how to recreate this exotic, shiny-on-matte manicure in a few simple steps.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Step 1: Naomi prepped nails with a file and a quick coat of OPI's fast-drying nail hardener.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Step 2: Next, Naomi applied a single coat of RGB's "Slate" polish, which has subtle, blue-ish undertones.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Step 3: With the base color complete, Naomi applied a layer of Essie's remarkable "Matte About You" top coat, which "transforms any polish into a matte color."
Catherine Blair Pfander
The matte effect is instantly apparent and requires almost no drying time. Here, a quick comparison between pre-and-post matte polish.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Step 4: Grab an art brush or super-thin makeup applicator and dip into a plain, shiny-black polish. Carefully detail thin zebra stripes (or whatever pattern you like) on top of the matte base.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Step 5: Don't be afraid to experiment with patterns and shapes. Naomi added quick Cheetah spots to the left hand, but if you're not as artistically confident, we recommend polka dots or simple zig-zags. Allow to air dry for ten minutes (the matte top coat makes this process super-speedy).
Catherine Blair Pfander
Completed in a little more than 30 minutes, the finished look is subtle with just the right dash of edge. See more of Naomi's gorgeous nail creations on her Tumblr or follower her on Twitter @NaomiNailsNYC.
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