Bare Escentuals Quickie Van Tour of America 2010


The mother of mineral makeup Bare Escentuals will send a fleet of pink Quickie Vans across the US to give make-unders with their understated line this August. Then in October, the CEO hits the road in a tour bus.

The latest road trip comes on the heels of the successful spring one, during which the fun-loving, Shisheido-owned cosmetics company (the megabrand bought up BE for an estimated $1.7 billion) traveled cross-country to give more than 11,000 make-unders.  This time, BE is amping up operations with plans to have three vans -- slash, mobile boutiques -- visit 92 cities for a total of 1,700 miles each. 

In October, executive chairman Leslie Blodgett will move into the tour bus the company purchased from David Copperfield (you can just imagine how fantastical it is), and visit a slew of cities including New York, where the bus will stop off at the 59th Street Bloomingdale's flagship.  Blodgett's hands-on enthusiasm has dictated much of the company's environment and has probably contributed to the success of standing out in what has become a saturated market.

Of course, the initiative begs for social media engagement, so fans can go to the Bare Escentuals Facebook page to vote for another mystery city stop along the Quickie Van tour.  We vote for the Jersey Shore.

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