Band of Outsiders Spring 2011: Inventive Prep

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If preppy is a certain mindset, Band of Outsiders, both Boy and Girl, has it mastered, infusing genuine, early-'80s blueblood sportswear with a blown-out modern chic.

The misted models in Girl patiently glistened in faint floral prints on light-and-airy rompers at once the uniform of fond nostalgia and perfectly hip summer rambles in 2011 and beyond. Clean-lined retro country club gear got an edgy update with skewed seams and spare silhouettes as effortlessly cool as the queen of prep school herself.

Boys in Boy sported a slightly nerdy jock look alongside their female counterparts, with just enough swagger--shrunken fits and washed-out maybe-madras plaid--to pull off preppy 2.0.

The line to get into the presentation was thick even before the official start time, with New York's closest thing to California-cool hipsters inexplicably managing to show up on time, and the doors were ultimately closed before everyone could get in. Overheard while we waited, a bright young thing in Chuck Taylors looked around incredulously, murmuring, "I wasn't aware they were this popular." They certainly are, and we're betting in seasons to come the crush only intensifies.

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