Band of Outsiders' Newest Line, Girl., Will Make Its Debut at Fashion Week

It seems like only yesterday we reported on Scott Sternberg's plans to expand his Band of Outsiders brand with the announcement of a new fourth line, girl. It was actually back in March, but how time flies—and much to our delight. The new line, a slightly more feminine, lower-priced take on his existing womenswear line, Boy., will debut on September 11 at next month's Fashion Week, alongside Boy. and the original Band of Outsiders menswear collection.

Preview images from the collection's first run haven't been released yet, but given Sternberg's track record with his other three lines, which also includes This is Not a Polo Shirt, we can expect plenty of stylishly irreverent remixes on preppy American classics, as well as nods to the "geek-chic" aesthetic that the Band of Outsiders brand helped popularize.

The line will be a more affordable offering compared to Boy., for which prices tend to range from $135 to $1700, and will make its way to stores in February 2011. It's a good thing time does fly, because we can't wait.

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