Band of Outsiders' Expansion Plans Include Lower-Priced Women's Line

A profile in the Wall Street Journal outlines Scott Sternberg's Band of Outsiders' plans to expand beyind the insidery fashion set -- from polo shirts to a new lower-priced line called girl. -- a follow-up to Boy.

Band of Outsiders and the Journal are kindred spirits in their extraneous use of the period in their titles -- namely, WSJ. magazine, Boy. women's line, and now, girl. -- but otherwise, it's interesting to see a designer primarly though of as a niche, insider favorite featured in a big business daily.

The profile outlines the rapid rise of Sternberg's LA-based fashion label, launched after he'd quit his job as a Hollywood agent for Creative Artists Agency.  He started with menswear that reflected a certain air of geeky hipster chic and large price tags, before expanding to womenswear with Boy. and, most recently, the more affordable collection of polo shirts called "This is Not a Polo Shirt" and girl.

Sternberg has plans to expand sales over the next three years from $12 million to $40 million (no small feat), and as the business grows, the design elements seem to be rising to meet their steep prices. The label already has a devoted insider set that includes certain celebrities like Jason Schwartzmann, Kirsten Dunst, and Marisa Tomei, though we wonder how the mainstream momentum of Sternberg's vision will affect the alternative street cred of the brand.

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