Avril Lavigne Goes Solo With Her Own Clothing Line

Tough little pop tart Avril Lavigne is going out on her own with her Kohl's-produced junior's clothing line, Abbey Dawn.

The singer will launch e-commerce—the line's primary vehicle for sales—this Friday, followed by mini collections released throughout next year and a full-fledged debut for spring 2012. In addition to placing it primarily on the web, Lavigne is hoping to wholesale her collection to independent boutiques worldwide and, hopefully, the major department stores. Stores that have signed up include NYC's Trash and Vaudeville and the U.K. chain Blue Bananas.

Abbey Dawn will continue in the same aesthetic direction it went at Kohl's: not surprisingly, a medley of skull and animal prints in black and neon colors, with graphic phrases based on Lavigne's album, "What the Hell?" On its own, however, Abbey Dawn will feature slightly more expensive fabrics and detailing, and will retail between $17.50 for t-shirts and $80 for sneakers. The line, which will be unveiled next month, will also include denim, accessories, handbags, swimwear and shoes with, you guessed it, plenty of skull motifs.

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