Australian Ugg Counterfeit Ring Faces Sentencing

High-end handbags aren't the only counterfeit game in town: Convicted counterfeiters will soon be sentenced for a massive Ugg boot rip-off in Australia, on top of the $7 million in damages Ugg's parent company, Deckers, was awarded last fall. 

The conclusion to the trial comes three years after a raid confiscated thousands of pairs of boots -- just one of many operations worldwide.  According to WWD, the company has shut down thousands of websites and discontinued eBay auctions, while customs has seized more than 60,000 fakes all over the world.

Who knew the unassuming Aussie-sheepskin-surfer-bootie-turned-patron-shoe-of-LA would spurn such a massive black market? Having reached their heyday in the mid-aughts, then proceeding down to the bottom of the fashionability scale, slipper-like Ugg boots have maintained their extreme popularity and motivated scores of renegade dealers to get a piece of the pie. 

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