Armani Hates Hollywood, Thinks There’s “No Genius Capable” of Replacing Him

Getty Images

Giorgio Armani has never been known to hold his tongue in interviews: In the past year, for example, he's been especially candid on the topic of fashion brands choosing to go public (read: Prada).

Now, in a new interview with Die Zeit, which was excerpted in WWD, the designer addresses everything from a successor at Armani to Hollywood. Here are some highlights:

On someone succeeding him at Armani:

“There will be many small Armanis in my company to continue my work ... but there will be no genius capable of taking on all this. That would mean defrauding myself and my seriousness.”

On Hollywood:

“I hate it ... All relationships have been replaced by business.”

On former Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi:

"It’s hard to believe that Berlusconi simply accepts defeat and steps down ... We must not forget that he was a really powerful man; perhaps his resignation is only part of a new project.”

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