Anna Dello Russo Tees Sell Out on YOOX

Vogue Nippon fashion director and style icon Anna Dello Russo teamed up with YOOX on 10 commemorative T-shirts featuring 10 of her best looks to commemorate the site's 10th anniversary.  Incredibly, they sold out in less than two days.

The stylish dame has become something of a cult favorite within the fashion community, mostly for her over-the-top outfits and ridiculously lavish apartment and closet (seen here on Jak and Jil). (The woman has an entire extra apartment for her clothes!) As such, we can only imagine that the tees sent ADR fans into an absolute tizzy -- especially since they were priced at a mere $20 a pop -- and now they're all gone. We'll keep our fingers crossed for a re-issue of tees, but for now, we'd expect to see more than a few of these surface on city streets come fashion week.

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