Ann Taylor Faces Photoshop Controversy Head On

After taking quite a bit of heat for the drastically retouched photos of the spring line, Ann Taylor took to Twitter and Facebook to address and apologize for their actions.

Perhaps Ann Taylor should have known better (more than one or two people must approve final photography) when featuring disproportionate Photoshop-victim spring apparel models, but rather than further the controversy by avoiding the issue or passing the buck, the retailer admitted wrongdoing and apologized.  (Other offenders, take note.)

On the other hand, Jezebel noted that the photos are still very much alive and kicking (rather scarily) on the website.  But in the meantime, Ann Taylor Tweeted:

@jezebel We wanted to respond to all the buzz about the retouching on some of our images.

@jezebel We agree, we may have been overzealous on some retouching but go forward we’ll make sure to feature more real, beautiful images.

@jezebel We want to support and celebrate the natural beauty of women, and we apologize if in the process of retouching that was lost.

@jezebel Be sure to lookout for better photos on our site in the future!

Ann Taylor goes on to direct their Twitter followers to their Facebook page to see pictures of "real women" shoppers modeling their clothing in at-home self-photography -- although, we must say that they're very cute and fit "real women" at that!

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