Angelina Jolie to Design Jewelry Line

Even in the midst of a new film, her U.N. ambassador duties, and (last we checked) six chlidren, Angelina Jolie has found time to create a line of super-luxe jewelry with friend and longtime collaborator, Robert Procop.

Procop, formerly CEO of Asprey Jewelry, tapped Jolie (for whom he's made heaps of custom jewels over the years) to work with him on his new collection, "Robert Procop Exceptional Jewels." We have to admit, the lady has good taste: some of her dizzyingly high-carat contributions to the line include a pale green beryl pendant in a rose gold setting and a tablet-shaped green emerald ring, inspired by "ancient tablet engravings," according to WWD.

Though the collection won't be available in stores, customers can order pieces privately through Procop, who is donating all proceeds to Jolie's foundation, the Education Partnership for Children of Conflict.

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