American Eagle's Free Smartphone Promo Underway

We'd been waiting to try on jeans at American Eagle to see what their free smart phone promotion (ongoing through August 3) was all about. We finally went yesterday and got the skinny.

As previously reported, American Eagle is offering a voucher for a free smart phone, when you sign a new service agreement or upgrade, just for trying on jeans—you don't even have to buy them. But if you think you'll walk in with a smile and walk out with a smart phone, simple as that, think again.

You have to go online to redeem your voucher, where you'll have your pick from a variety of different phones across VerizonAT&T, T-Mobile and Nextel (no iPhones, though). While most are free with the service agreement, there are a few that still require a fee up to $99.

We perused our options online and noticed that service plans seem steep for the most part, so read the terms and conditions carefully. Also, we noticed that the vouchers don't have any special access codes, so while it may give you a good excuse to go try on jeans, we're pretty sure you can get the deal just by clicking this link.

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