Adventures in Sartorial Satire

We take our fashion very seriously, but every so often you've got to laugh. Especially when it comes to Naomi Campbell-inspired video games, Halloween costumes by Simon Doonan, and a clothing line by JetBlue's infamous Steven Slater.

Hardly skipping a beat after Naomi Campbell's recent testimony at Liberian president Charles Taylor's war crimes trial, Super Fashion Stars has created the "24-Carat Campbell" video game, which you can play online. The totally ridiculous game plays on Campbell's choice soundbites during the trial. Don't think we didn't give it a whirl—we certainly did—and tossing around "dirty little pebbles" at Alaïa-clad cartoons is a funny idea, but gets boring quickly.

Maybe it's to celebrate his own Halloween birthday—Barneys creative director Simon Doonan has signed on to create Costume Couture by Simon Doonan for Target. Ever the cheeky fellow, Doonan's inspiration behind the kooky line derives from reality television-induced pop culture and the public's insatiable craving for more. Jersey Shore's "The Situation" is the model for Doonan's Punk Pumpkin Rocker get-up, and there's also a Real Housewives character in the mix. On sale September 12.

JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater, whose on-board tantrum and defiant exit down his plane's emergency slide last week—beers in hand—had us baffled and amused, is rumored to be interested in his very own fashion line. Slater's very vocal ex-wife mentioned during her round of news interviews that the two had met as teenagers while working at J.C. Penney." He's a "brilliant merchandiser," she said, also adding that Slater "would love to have his own clothing line." If this comes true, then Doonan could at least have a few ideas lined up for next year's costumes.

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