Alice on Berry and North 8th Street

So far, we've generally shied away from the primary color trend this season. But after spotting Alice Quon's inspiring cobalt blue pullover (embellished with big, zig-zagging star shapes), we may have to add a little "superhero" chic to our wardrobe. As it turns out, Quon runs her own boutique, "Jezebel and Toff," on Thompson Street in Soho. We just hope she carries more of that brilliant blue hue. 

Hometown: "Melbourne."

Today I'm Wearing: "Vintage sweater, jeans and boots from Australia."

My Signature Middle School Style: "I was a dancer, so it was kind of boring, you know. Then I met my boyfriend -- he's a pretty stylish guy."

If I Could Go Front Row to Any Fashion Show, it Would Be: "KTZ, or Kontozai. It's a UK brand."

The Best Thing I Bought this Year: "A pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes." 

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