Alexander Wang: Fall Was “Most Technically Challenging” Collection Yet

At the opening of wunderkind designer Alexander Wang's brand-new Soho store, Wang discussed the "hybrid" theme of his Fall 2011 collection, and revealed something we didn't know about those mud-flap heels: They're interchangeable.

Wang's fall collection was a mix of heavy-duty parkas and silky separates, which the designer said was "based on hybrids adn this idea of extreme outerwear ... but combined with this feeling of decadence and opulence -- boudoir and evening."

Says Wang: "It was one of the most technically challenging collections that we've done, but I think it was worth it and it came out really strong on the runway."

Of course, one of the most entertaining focal points of the collection turned out to be the accessories: sunglasses and heels topped with little fur patches, as well as sandals that featured what looked like a little satin mud-flap dangling off the back.

"We wanted a really beautiful, simple shoe -- just like a sandal -- but then giving it a new profile and silhouette," Wang told us. "So it became like this little shield, like an armadillo shield on the back of the heel." And what's more, it's a clip-on! "You can actually take it off and flip anything you want," Wang explained. "You can clip the little rabbit tails that we have in the back, little mink pom-poms, anything. You can change it up. You can customize your shoe."

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