Alexa Chung's “Thrift America” Will Air Next Summer

Secretly, we mourned the loss of "It's On with Alexa Chung," the smart follow-up to MTV's "Total Request Live." Sassy Miss Alexa with her dangerously sharp wit, thrown-together ensembles and grown-out highlights won our hearts, and inspired more than a few knockoff outfits (mostly consisting of cut-off shorts and nautical stripe tees).

Since the show's finale in December of 2009, we've watched the ingenue with keen interest as she's developed from oft-photographed front row fixture to DJ to style icon to, more recently, credible fashion designer, with a knockout collection for Madewell. So we were delighted to hear that she and editor, Maya Singer, were embarking on a new project together: "Thrift America," a kind of reality-shopping series about finding fashionable gems at flea markets and garage sales across the country.  Sounds a bit like "American Pickers"—another of our guilty TV indulgences—meets "What Not to Wear."

Scheduled to air on PBS next summer, we hope the new show proves a marketable endeavor for Ms. Chung, whose impeccable good taste could surely use a bit more air time.

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