Alexa Chung Inspires EBay Copycats Galore

Apparently, Alexa Chung has turned that hard-to-define "It" girl status into something quantifiable: eBay has seen a spike in sales of items Chung features on her "What I'm Wearing" blog for 

Call her the downtown Oprah -- after boasting on her Dungarees the jeans bids increased by 75%, while jean shorts got a 277% boost in online auctions overnight after she confessed her obsession with them. 

We knew something was a'brewing when we noticed the armies of Alexa-bots traipsing around in their brogues and bangs at the Alexa Chung for Madewell launch party last month.  The chic Brit former MTV hostess has inspired a cult following around her organically vintage, girlish-impish-but-high-end personal style and it shows not only on the streets of NYC but on eBay purchasing patterns as well. The "Alexa Effect" is sweeping the trendster's repertoire, confirming our opinion of her as by far, the coolest girl in school.

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