Alexa Chung for Madewell: Sassy ‘n Sweet Tomboy

Having shot up the style set's radar for her singular sophisticated tomboy aesthetic, Alexa Chung's fall 2010 collection for Madewell plays it close to that same look -- and wins us over.

At once reminiscent of schoolgirl outfits somewhat tousled by an afternoon of adventures, and coquettish in a tiny-bit-tough way, the Alexa Chung for Madwell collection spans super-short shorts, velvet jumpers with Peter Pan collars, schoolboy blazers, prairie skirts, washed-out denim work shirts, polka dots, stripes and sweetness.  There's an innocence about the garments that makes us almost hesitant about our post-teenage abilities to pull it off, and yet knowing Chung's own ability to kill it with fashion, it may just take some trying on and clever styling. 

Overall, the line seems a success for the plucky Brit it girl, right down to the kick-off party.  Held upstairs at the Bowery Hotel, Alexa sat around and chatted up her models, while the cool chick DJ (who reminded us of Jenny Lewis) danced along to oldies like Lollipop and Leader of the Pack.  Partygoers went away with a charming - and, we think, not overthought - pencil case with notebook and Stylist pen, fortune fish, Galaxy bar, Drumstick lolly and a funny little note from Alexa, handwritten on lined paper. Thanks!

And the kicker! The Thread has an imposter.  That's right, when we RSVP'd to our kind invitations, we were informed a contributor -- whose name we did not recognize -- had already responded.  The imposter even dropped our names at the door when she entered! We were stunned and intrigued.  Despite our gumshoe abilities, we were not able to spot the fake, and left the party still wondering: Who are you, you tricky girl?! 

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