Watch Alexander Wang’s Gritty Fall 2011 Campaign Debut on 14th Street

We're accustomed to big fashion campaigns dominating our magazines, city billboards, ocasionally even our TV's, but for three nights, Alexander Wang is using the entire city as a backdrop for his fall 2011 campaign.

Shot by photographer Fabien Barron, the one-minute video follows Raquel Zimmerman (clad in a shredded black dress from Wang's fall collection) through her wanderings in an abandoned Brooklyn factory.

While a narrative was tough to identify -- there's a lot of mysterious disappearing behind doorways and frightened hallway jogging -- there were plenty of lightsaber-like flares and small, stylish explosions, making for quite a visual spectacle from our vantage on 14th Street and 8th Avenue.

Surprisingly, passerby didn't seem much fazed by the display, though we did overhear one teenager emphatically explain to his girlfriend, "I'm scared! I'm so scared!" Mostly, though, commuters emerging from the 8th avenue subway station simply craned their necks to find the source of the projection, which everyone concluded must have been hidden on the rooftop opposite.  

The ads will continue to be displayed a various locations throughout the city through Friday night.

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