Behind-the-Scenes at Ann Yee's Look Book Shoot

With just a few weeks left to go before the madness of fashion week descends, Nolita-based designer Ann Yee, known for her awesome reconstructive designs, was kind enough to invite us along while she shot her Spring 2011 lookbook and video. We met her at Dumbo's Damn Studio for a little chat about her forthcoming collection.

Thread NY: Okay, so what's the story with this collection? Is there a name?
Ann Yee: 
My whole aesthetic is minimal, and that remains true for spring. There's not a formal name, but this collection's theme was the film Blade Runner. Not so literal, but there are elements of it in there.

So no laser beam appliques or cyborgs, then, right? Go on.
No, no, none of that. I did speak to lots of tailoring and the cityscape color palettes, though. [Gestures to an inspiration board tacked with stills from the film.] Muted tones with pops of neons -- fuschias and turquoises -- along with an updated take on the character Rachel were big points of inspiration. We styled the model, Bethany, with her slick, streamlined hair.

Okay. So what else is new? And what's your favorite piece?
I really love this knit sweatervest. It's light grey with a subtle sheen, and you can drape it, swoop it, and wear it a few different ways. For the look book, we paired it with a chiffon, three-layered dress.

Aside from the grey and white jumpsuits and sculpted shorts we spied on the wardrobe rack, we've overheard talk on the set about a foray into accessories...
Yes! Well, my background is in knitwear. So I'll tell you that it's based on that. And it's something you can wear up top. And it's likely not what you're thinking...

Way to play coy. Okay, when can we see the collection?
I'm planning a private presentation at Ion Studio in Soho on the evening Monday, September 13. Email for more information. Hope to see you there!


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