A Peek into Chanel’s Hypothetical Suburban Garage

Just in time for the Super Bowl, Chanel has made a football. Huzzah! That got us thinking about all the other spectacularly expensive Chanel-branded sports paraphernalia the brand has turned out of late -- from snowboards to surfboards.

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Talk about one posh pigskin. We're taking a wild guess that those who know how to properly handle this puppy wouldn't necessarily appreciate the Chanel-ism of it ...
Gidget's got nothing on the chick who rocks the Chanel Surfboard off the coast of SoCal or Costa Rica, but no amount of logo action can help you ride a proper wave: Practice and killer muscles are still required.
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The glamor of winter sports -- largely inaccessible to the masses and often, a lot of work for just a little apres action -- gets even glitzier when you're decked head-to-toe in Chanel boards, boots, snowshoes, skis, poles and goggles. Again, skills not included so make sure your legs can catch up to your C's.
The granddaddy of all mid-life crises would have to be the custom Chanel Motorcycle. There really are no words.
It's amusing that Chanel makes rollerblades, and also amusing they bear striking resemblance to every pair I ever owned between the ages of 7-12.
Wendy Rieger
We're not surprised someone like Karl Lagerfeld classified guitar-playing as sport, but hey, we're on board with another form of the Chanel quilted bag, especially if it comes on the shoulder of a cute, grungy hipster.
Although the Snoopy fishing pole never failed us, the Chanel Fishing Pole might do a better job of holding our interest out on the boat for those long, uneventful afternoons...
OK, so if the fishing rod isn't enough to keep you out there, get a stylish bailout from this tres chic Chanel dinghy. The first step to owning a luxury yacht? Sure!
There's something so fantastically Jane Fonda-retro about the Chanel Free Weights, what with the pink and white quilting, and all. Wonder what happens as you build up your strength - we don't imagine these exceeding a demure 10 pounds or so.
This is the sporting equipment we can actually see causing a stir up at the club. The Chanel Tennis Racket gives the preppy past time a whole new meaning of status grabbing, and we can't say we don't like it.
Paula Monk
We could do this all day, what with the neverending goods Chanel actually makes. But we'll stop here, you know, with the one-and-only Chanel boomerang. Yes. Boomerang.
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