A Peek At Tuleste Market's Debut Footwear Collection

Satu and Celeste Greenberg of NYC jewelry label, Tuleste Market, expanded from glitzy jewels to eye-catching footwear in eighteen adorable styles.

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Catherine Blair Pfander/The Thread
When we found out one of our favorite NYC jewelry brands, Tuleste Market, was launching a footwear collection this spring, nothing could keep us from getting a peek in person. "We tend to do things in reverse," laughs Satu Greenberg, who, along with sister Celeste, founded the jewelry brand in 2007 with intent to eventually expand into accessories and ready-to-wear.
Catherine Blair Pfander/The Thread
Oddly, though, the glitzy aesthetic of their hip jewelry collection translates pretty seamlessly into the footwear, which features much of the same hardware and embellishments that are used in the jewelry.
Catherine Blair Pfander/The Thread
"Of all the spring styles, these are the likeliest to sell out first," Satu says of a cute clog style with black leather brass grommet details.
Catherine Blair Pfander/The Thread
We were surprised to learn that both stylish sisters, who grew up in "not quite a commune" in Northern California, had been science majors in college. "We always knew we wanted to work together," explains Celeste, who first came to the city in 1998 to work in fashion, including a stint at W Magazine.
Catherine Blair Pfander/The Thread
Both girls cultivated a love of vintage at shops in their hometown, collecting samples and re-sewing their favorite looks as early as high-school. Celeste's expansive vintage collection runs the entire length of her bedroom—inspiration for a future collection of ready-to-wear.
Catherine Blair Pfander
Luxe details are a hallmark of both the jewelry and footwear collections. Our favorite style: a clear lucite heel filled with shiny silver orbs.
Catherine Blair Pfander/The Thread
The entire footwear collection‚ which hits shelves at the likes of Anthropologie and Albertine next week, ranges from $295 to the upper $400s. Stay tuned for our sneak peek of Tuleste's forthcoming fall collection which, from the glimpses we were allowed, has expanded to include ultra-luxe handbags and clutches.
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