A Lifeline for Loehmann’s

loehmanns sign

Bargain department store chain Loehmann's has gotten an infusion of an estimated $10 million to sustain itself, squashing once and for all any rumors that the brand was in any financial trouble (which had previously been mostly renderd null by the Post issuing a retraction).

CEO Jerald Politzer explained to WWD that the cash boost from parent company Isithar would allow Loehmann's to satisfy factors and vendors, thus facilitating smooth sailing and possible expansion for the business over time.  Politzer reaffirmed his confidence in Loehmann's survival, pointing out his successful leadership during several significant events over the years, including taking the company public in 1996 and ending bankruptcy in 2000.

Perhaps most notably are the chain's two "prototype" stores in California and Florida, whose respective layouts include private dressing rooms. Anyone who grew up on Loehmann's and their delightful communal fitting areas knows that's quite a leap forward.

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