Sheep and Chic: The WSJ Profiles the Brand UGG Australia, But It's the Photos We Can't Get Over

The Daily Mail's snapshot of Lenny Kravitz slinking through the streets of New York in some very feminine get-up last Friday had us rolling in fits of laughter all weekend—until we spotted the WSJ Magazine's profile of UGG Australia, and its accompanying photos.

Dubbing the enormously successful brand the "PT cruiser of footwear" (largely due to its extremely polarizing notoriety), the WSJ looks at UGG's storied past as well as its record-breaking revenues this past quarter. However it's the images of sheep posing in pastel booties that left the biggest impression on us. Shot by photographer Stephen Lewis, the pastel UGG-sporting sheep look, one could argue, either ridiculous or adorable—depending on whether you're a fan or a hater of the boots (a clever intention on the part of the WSJ, maybe?).

There's a behind-the-scenes video of the shoot, too. As you can see—and as the magazine's caption reads—"No sheep were harmed or made to feel uncomfortable during WSJ's photo shoot."

As for Mr. Kravitz, we've got no explanation for the hilarious outfit. Maybe he's just been feeling a little out of sorts lately since shearing his trademark locks. 

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