Inside Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons

The newly-opened LES space is just as much an art gallery as it is a retail location.

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Designers Derrick R. Cruz and Christine Samar welcomed us inside Occulter, the recently-opened brick and mortar location for Cruz's wondrous and spooky jewelry label, Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons located at 83 Orchard Street.
Designed in collaboration with architect Huy Bui (who also co-owns the adjoining restaurant, An Choi), the spare, slim LES space perfectly showcases Cruz's signature pieces with "floating" movable wooden shelves that attach magnetically to the metal walls.
Horsehair tassel necklaces and gold and silver rings in various weights are some of the simpler pieces in Cruz's body of museum-caliber work.
Braided horsehair and leather bracelets.
An 18k gold cast honeycomb necklace, which Cruz describes as a "preservation effort" in response to the shrinking honeybee population across North America, is both a statement piece and a wondrous example of the fading art of wax casting.
Taking inspiration from Navajo shamanic rituals, Cruz fashioned a limited-edition collection of large-scale neck pieces from salvaged piano keys and leather.
Another bib-like necklace—this one featuring piano ivory—reveals Cruz's eye for discerning the extraordinary, even spooky, beauty in everyday objects.
Rubberized pocket notebooks sit alongside a curated selection of record albums and books on esoteric subjects such as 14th-century alchemy, adding to both the decor and the inventory of curiosities.
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