Adventures in Fashion Invention: Company Invents Detachable Heel

Had we worn heels as tweens in the '80s, the Detachable Heel System—perhaps with a more gimmicky name—would have been our wardrobe's mix-and-match dream.

How it works: soles and heels are sold separately, fastening together with a special mechanism of posts and hooks that allows one to remove and replace the heels at will. As the website correctly states, the heel bears the brunt of a shoe's wear and tear, so a quasi-disposable option actually does make quite a bit of sense.

However genius the concept may be, the execution needs some help on the aesthetic front. The heels look like they're made of either hard plastic (or wood), and they're not screaming chic. As any stiletto-wearing lady will tell you, when it comes to shoes, women typically put style over practically. Unreasonable as that may sound, it doesn't seem likely to change anytime soon. That said, should the DHS merge forces with Jimmy Choo or Christian Louboutin perhaps, then we'll probably start seeing these well-heeled pumps all over town.

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