18 Fabulous Eco-Friendly Fashion Labels

Sustainability-focused fashion is a market that continues to grow, from labels with a focus on supporting impoverished communities to brands that use organic materials.

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A runway look from sustainability-focused designer Stella McCartney's Spring 2012 collection.
Stella McCartney: McCartney is really the ultimate example of the green movement at work in the world of very high fashion. The designer not only keeps her collections leather and fur-free, she is committed to adopting sustainable practices for her global business. She even posts on eco topics in the "Green Me" section of her site.
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CrOp by David Peck: Designer David Peck's extraordinarily chic designs bear a hidden hallmark: they're created exclusively from sustainable methods and materials.
Titania Inglis
Titania Inglis: This rising star label won the 2012 Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation Award for Sustainable Design, thanks to its minimal environmental impact. Every piece is produced from sustainably-sourced fabrics that range from organic cotton to vegetable-tanned leather and dead-stock fabrics.
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John Patrick Organic: This label has been a pioneer on the eco-fashion front for years, utilizing sustainable fabrics and emphasizing pieces that have been made by hand. The end result is crisp, classic, and well-tailored.
Loomstate: Loomstate has long been known in green fashion circles for its earth-friendly, organic denim, and now the label has launched a new "321" collection made of sustainable textiles that can each be worn multiple ways.
Bassike: This Australian line has mastered the art of basic wardrobe staples (thus the name, which is pronounced "basic"). The label places an emphasis on local production, and all of the cotton jersey pieces are 100 percent organic.
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M. Patmos: Marcia Patmos, one of the co-founders of the label Lutz & Patmos, launched a new collection called M. Patmos in 2011 featuring soft, luxurious separates. In working with local artisans and using eco-friendly production techniques, the designer aims to create pieces that are sustainable, wherever possible.
Camilla Wellton
Camilla Wellton: Camilla Wellton's bold and futuristic designs look like they're fashioned from high-tech materials, but in fact each piece is made from entirely organic fabrics. The brand also offers a custom tailoring should you need to get one of the asymmetrical wrap coats or floor-skimming maxi dresses tweaked to fit your frame.
Label: Since 2009, designers Shawna Robinson and Natalie Sydoruk have been creating clothing that's not only fashion-forward, it also uses places an emphasis on ethical fashion in using organic, reclaimed, or renewable fabrics wherever possible.
H Fredriksson
H.Fredriksson: Brooklyn-based designer Helena Fredriksson mines her Nordic heritage for inspiration when creating her unusual draped dresses and loose-fitting separates -- all of which are fashioned using sustainable materials and production methods here in New York City.
Melissa Shoes This Brazilian label has been making waves in the green fashion world for nearly 30 years with sexy shoes developed from "eco friendly mono materials that can easily be disassembled and recycled." The company also practices no-waste and cruelty-free production, and has snagged designer collaborations with names like Vivienne Westwood (pictured) and Jean Paul Gaultier.
People Tree
People Tree: This U.K.-based label has its roots in fair trade -- working to alleviate poverty and bring help to the communities that help create the clothing along its production chain. The results have earned the label fans and chic designer collaborations like their current Orla Kiely offering (pictured).
Ajna: Newcomer Ajna's boho knitwear styles can often be worn multiple ways, like this wrap-around maxi with contrasting white piping. Not only is each piece made from certified organic textiles, but the brand collaborates closely with indigenous artisans and craftspersons all over the world.
Study NY / Not Just a Label
Study NY: This label was founded in 2009 by New York designer Tara St. James, and won an Ecco Domani Award in 2011. According to the site, the label is "inspired by restrictions," and uses both no-waste pattern-making and hand-dyed silks as part of its emphasis on sustainability.
Lara Miller: This Chicago-based designer has been making simple, sexy fashion that's also sustainable for years, and she goes into specific detail on how she keeps the label eco on her site, from using fabric scraps to organic materials. She's also got serious fashion cred: she's currently serving as executive director of the Chicago Fashion Incubator.
Turk + Taylor: This San Francisco-based label designed by Andrew Soernsen and Mark Lee Morris sources organic, sustainable, vintage and recycled materials to create their vibrant collections, with fabrics including windbreakers crafted from hot air balloon materials.
Stewart+Brown: This label was founded in L.A. by partners Karen Stewart and Howard Brown in 2002, with the goal of creating a label that attains "the highest standards of quality and functional style while extracting the bare minimum from Earth's precious capital." The results are as chic as they are earth-conscious.
Beyond Skin
Beyond Skin: This UK-based footwear label was founded in 2001 with a mission to design truly chic vegan footwear. The results still stand up more than a decade later, featuring spring wedges and basic flats -- all completely leather-free.
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