15 Years Strong: Jimmy Choo’s Top Five Moments

As Jimmy Choo turns 15, we reflect on some of the most memorable moments in the lifespan of one of the luxury shoe craze pioneers.

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Jimmy Choo
As Jimmy Choo turns 15, we reflect our five favorite Choo moments. First up, The Zap Sandal: Proving light-up shoes aren't just for kids -- both in terms of taste and budget -- Choo released the $2500 shoe, with a yellow heel that flashes with every step.
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"I lost my Choo!" The unforgettable line delivered by the queen of shoes, Carrie Bradshaw, after she stepped out of her shoe running for the Staten Island Ferry on Sex and the City. The soundbite that launched a thousand shoes, when Sex and the City's Carrie Bradshaw--the patron saint of the footwear obsessed--was robbed of her stilettos at gunpoint and despaired, "I've lost my Choo!"
Jimmy Choo for H&M
Jimmy Choo for H&M: Choo fanatics went wild for the brand's lower-priced line with H&M in 2009, wreaking havoc on stores nationwide.
Jimmy Choo
Jimmy Choo Makes Uggs Sexy (or Tries To): Jimmy Choo stayed on top of the collaboration trend, partnering with unlikely bedfellow UGG on a line of leopard print, studded shearling boots with trademark pizazz.
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The Rise of Tamara Mellon: Jimmy Choo's founder is the one-woman powerhouse behind the brand's success. As an accessories assistant at British Vogue, Mellon bet her chips on the custom-business cobbler down the street, and has strutted her way to a $234 million-a-year business.
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