An Old-School Desk Organizer (Literally)

Love this oversized pencil-sharpener desk piece, plus pretty Parisian parfums and more

LOOK SHARP: What’s more old-school than pencil sharpeners? (Other than pencils, of course.) This enormous desk organizer won’t sharpen anything, but it’ll corral your pens and remind you of lower-tech times. Made from Forest Stewardship-Certified wood. From The Curiosity Shoppe, $25.

HEAP GOOD: We loved Brit singer-songwriter-note-bender Imogen Heap even before her songs with Frou-Frou landed on the Garden state soundtrack – and her new album “Ellipse,” out this week, is a return to poppy, melodic form. $9.99 at J&R Music World, 23 Park Row; 212-238-9000.

BOOKISH: These beautifully designed Marya Collection chapter books from Girl of All Work – each one devoted to a chapter -- make keeping a journal feel like a much more literary pursuit. $26.50 for three at Daily 2.3.5, 235 Elizabeth Street; 212-334-9728.

SIMPLE PLEASURES: This duochrome cowl-necked dress from Brooklyn’s takeoffyourclothes seems (and wears) like some wildly designy piece that drapes and hugs in all the right places, but it’s actually a deceptively simple cheat: the dress is crafted from two tee shirts. $60 at takeoffyourclothes here.

PORTABLE: The dab-on solid Crazy Stick scents from Parisian parfumeur Crazylibellule and The Poppies are as heady (in varieties like vanilla lemon pie and blue orchidée) as they are pretty (each stick’s package design lies somewhere between art deco and French-children’s-book chic). And popping one in your purse means no leaks. $18 each (they last forever, by the way) at Sephora; find stores here.

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