This Store Blows: Autumn in Soho Edition

Even though we have reached autumn, the summer trend continues of retailers around the city leaving the doors of their stores propped wide open in the hopes of enticing shoppers in with blasts of frigid air conditioning. In protest of this decidedly carbon-non-neutral trend we bring you, This Store Blows, highlighting the city's worst offenders.

The unnecessary energy usage continues on West Broadway in Soho, home to some of the hardest blowing stores. We recently caught three shops with both their doors wide-open and A/C blasting, even though the temperatures are no longer in the upper 80s and 90s. Miss Sixty, large-doored Reiss and shoe boutique (with Natalie Portman's vegan line!) Té Casan were all caught on the same day and same block.

It seems that shops have already disregarded the law of only two months ago, designed to cut the extraneous usage. Winter will see some of these locations, like struggling Miss Sixty, caught in a classic Catch-22: spend money to keep a door open, blasting heat to attract casual customers, or save money with closed doors, possibly sacrificing the business of random patrons. It shouldn't be long before the weather turns, and then we'll see if Reiss can manage to "close sesame" their massive doors.
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