They Might Be Giants Keep Busy


Brooklyn OG They Might Be Giants have always seemed like they would be great high school humanities teachers if they ever tired of rock life. How many people learned about the glory of painter James Ensor, why the the sun shines and the relationship of Istanbul to Constantinople from these guys? So it's well within John Flansburgh's wheelhouse to collaborate with The Guggenheim.

Flansburgh, also known as the one with the glasses, will DJ an after-hours party for the museum's acclaimed Maurizio Cattelan: All exhibit on Dec. 9 for the ongoing Art After Dark series. Here's a video about Cattelan's work, should you be curious.

In other Giants news, the duo plus some other guys have released a companion piece of outtakes, remixes and rarities to their recent album Join Us called Album Raises New and Troubling Questions. You can check out the video for "Electronic Instanbul (Not Constantinople)" here

In other other news, it is well known that if you wait around for a few weeks, They Might Be Giants will play a New York show. At the moment, that show is at Terminal 5 on March 10.  Internet sensation Jonathan Coulton will be there as well, almost certainly singing about zombies.

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