The Time 100 List Is Sartorially Challenged

The 2009 Time 100 Finalists were announced, and this year the magazine is asking to readers vote on the 203 candidates. How interactive! But, as Fashionista noticed, the style pickings are slimmer than a model's thighs.

Only two fashion designers were named -- Tom Ford and Stella McCartney -- and other fashion/design retailers included Dov Charney, Rem Koolhaas, Takashi Murakami, and Kanye West (he's a fixture, after all). Is this really the best they could come up with?

While we do love us some Tom and Stella, this last year was marked by Marc Jacobs's fashion-forward collections, Karl Lagerfeld's foray into film and move to Vermont, and Jason Wu becoming a crown prince with Ikram helping him along. Not to mention the most stylish First Lady many of us have ever witnessed. And they get no mention. On the more abstract, we would think Target or H&M would get a nod for bringing high-design to the mass market.

So fashion can't take over the entire list, but surely it can get more options than this? That's why we're calling for a write-in ballot. Because if there's room for Octomom on here, there's room for the Kaiser. Who's with us?

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