The Queen of Dumbo Wishes Her Carousel in the Park, Okay?

One of the most puzzling Brooklyn sagas is the odd case of Jane's Carousel, the 1922-vintage amusement restored by the Jane Walentas, who is married to that David guy who is the King of Dumbo. The Walentases have been trying to get a spot for the carousel in Brooklyn Bridge Park and have even offered to pay for the pavilion designed by Jean Nouvel that would enclose it (and also suggested they might ship it to Dubai). But, we digress.The couple went so far as to pull a media stunt of bringing in people from Youngstown, Ohio, where the carousel lived for 62 years before its amusement park burned down in 1984. This produced many photos, a banner saying "Thank You Jane Walentas for Jane's Carousel," and a story in today's Daily News. For now, it's housed in a Walentas buiding on Water Street but people basically can't ride it much because it's too close to the walls. Details: 48 horses leafed in 24-karat gold and encrusted in jewels, two chariots and 1,200 lights. (There's a video of it here from its debut in 2006.) The carousel even has its own website now and we suspect that Dumbo will have the world's biggest banner ever made saying Put Our Carousel in the Park if the city doesn't make nice soon.
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