The Plywood Report: Urban Lobster Shack, Ciatrella Restaurant, Bon Chon Chicken, Fro-Yo, and More

1) Midtown West: The theater district's shuttered Costa Del Sol space on West 50th and 9th has a new plywood shell and we're noticed some serious activity inside. [PLYWOOD]

2) FiDI: A tipster spots a possible second location for the EVill's Urban Lobster: "Saw a new awning go up for 'urban lobster shack' on stone street down here on wall st just a few days ago, and on the side of it there's mention of lobster rolls chowders and shrimp. Looks like the Urban Lobster logo [that we order from in the east village] with the word shack added, but no other signage was there to confirm." [PLYWOOD]

3) East Village: A correspondent notices that the new residents at 110 3rd Ave aren't just getting Hea, the new spot from the owners of Friend House. They're also getting fro-yo. Signage for Double Fraiche Frozen Yogurt have just gone up in the windows. [PLYWOOD]

4) East Village: A new Bon Chon Chicken, from the tipline: " I was walking through Astor Place / St Marks last night, and noticed that they are opening a Bon Chon chicken in the space below Sing Sing Karaoke (9 Saint Marks Place). Personally, I think this is a welcome alternative to some of the other post-drinking local faves, such as Kenka, Mamouns, etc. However, it'll be another 'trendy' asian place for the gutterpunk kids to scoff at." [PLYWOOD]
UPDATE: The space our tipster is referring to is actually Boka, a spot mentioned in the Opening Report yesterday. They are, however, serving Bon Chon chicken.

5) Nolita: A tipster sends in a shot of some working going on at the old InTent space at Mott & Prince. Let's hope the new owners choose a theme that's slightly less ridiculous this time around. [PLYWOOD]

6) Upper East Side: A new Citarella restaurant, from the tipline: "75th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenue (closer to third) I'm told that the new Citarella restaurant is opening. There is still paper up in the windows but I have seen a few guys in kitchen whites going back and forth from the Citarella store around the corner to the restaurant space." [PLYWOOD]

7) Williamsburg: The new branch of Porto Rico Coffee, opening on Grand St. between Manhattan and Leonard in Williamsburg, is getting closer to opening. Bright red paint job, some nice new signage. [PLYWOOD]

8) Williamsburg: The new branch of the East Village's d.b.a. has shown some new signs of activity on North 6th St. The workers tell our correspondent that they are about two weeks out. [PLYWOOD]

9) Upper West Side: We have a new update on Lansky's the new Jewish Deli opening in the old Hunan Park space on Columbus and 71st. They now have a curious "Taxi" sign above their door and report they're opening on the 25th for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. [PLYWOOD]

10) Hell's Kitchen: Life with Food and Drink notices some new plywood on 10th Ave: "A few months ago, the old, decrepit Bar X Ave on the corner of 10th ave and 45th street shut down...But a week or two ago, green plywood went up all around the exterior, and there has been some serious gutwork going on inside." [PLYWOOD]

11) Forest Hills: Forest Hills 72 reports that a new outpost of Five Guys is headed to Metropolitan/Woodhaven Blvd intersection. It is projected to open in spring '09. [PRE-PLYWOOD]

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