The Hideous Six: Where Are They Now?

To satisfy your Tuesday afternoon curiosity, we decided to wade through our That's Rather Hideous archives and take a look at where some of the most hideous picks of the last year have ended up. Still on the market? Does the PriceChopper judge apartments by their hideousness? Read on to find out!

1) 253 West 73rd Street
Rather Hideous Because: The Amityville Horror curse took over a once-charming pre-war condo.
Now: The property is still on the market, but this past weekend it was visited by the PriceChopper. The quadplex condo that was initially asking $5.595 million is now asking $4.18 million.


2) 125 East 12th Street
Rather Hideous Because: It contains a bathtub painted with roses and zebra-patterned chairs (now trendy!).
Now: Still on the market, asking $2.375 million


3) 35 East 76th Street
Rather Hideous Because: Grandma and Grandpa slept here.
Now: Asking $545,000, a 27 percent reduction from the original price of $749,000.


4) 347 East 53rd Street, Apt. 4B
Rather Hideous Because: It's decorated in a supernatural lime green.
Now: Sold in April for $550,000, down from an original ask of $628,000.


5) 960 Fifth Avenue
Rather Hideous Because: Chintz, chintz everywhere!
Now: Shopping center magnate Murray H. Goldman put this on the market for $32.5 million in January, and it's still on the market, now asking 27.5 million.


6) 400 Central Park West, 4G
Rather Hideous Because: The listing photo reveals some things best kept private.
Now: The apartment was asking $1,850 per month in July and is now asking $1,650.

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