The Fashion Spot Responds to Barack Obama's New ‘Men's Vogue' Cover

Rarely do we spend time thinking about men's mags except to peruse their models. And Men's Vogue's October cover boy sure did catch our eye: Barack Obama, shot by Annie Leibovitz. This is his second Mogue cover, having first been shot by Leibovitz for the mag in 2006. Vogue covers are often subject to ruthless criticism, and commenters on the Fashion Spot are already sinking their claws into this one. Their discussion began in superficial territory.

Miss Dalloway writes:

Hahah is he becoming the "Nicole Kidman" of Men's Vogue?

To be honest i dont remember his first cover at all :s and dont think this is a falttering angle.

bluedolphin writes:

Obama looks like a hollywood star , cheap, don't like the cover

Vogue28 simply states:

I don't like this cover

Then MyNameIs veers into political territory:

WTF? Didn't he just have a cover like 2 months ago? Talk about working overtime for hinm Vogue. They're probably on his campaign payroll or something.

To which Luxx replies:

Let's wait a minute. Obama had a Men's Vogue cover in 2006.

That was over two years ago. Men's Vogue has frequently given face time to other politicians - John Edwards had a cover as well, it's not rare for men's magazines to feature political mainstays as well as actors / journalists / athletes. Two covers is in the span of two years is nothing compared to the amount of time their sister publication devotes to their repetitious roster of favored actresses.

As for the political leanings of Conde Nast as a corporate entity that verges into debate that is almost too big for tFS.

The key word there is "almost." The discussion may have ended after that thread as of mid-morning, bless their hearts, but they still went there.

Men's Vogue October 2008 : Barack Obama by Annie Leibovitz [Fashion Spot]

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