“The Fashion Show” Has Yet to Confirm a 2nd Season

Bravo may be up in the air about round two of The Fashion Show. At least according to judge Isaac Mizrahi, who was unsure about the reality show's future. "I had so much fun doing it. I don't know. That's all I can say," he told us at his premiere for his new Liz Claiborne film campaign last night. But whatever happens, Isaac will make another TV-channel debut this December when he launches his lifestyle product line for QVC, which will include everything from spatulas to ice-cream scoopers to sheets to dresses. "I'm not really nervous because I'm not really going to sell as much as I'm on the air and say why I designed something. I'm going to talk to the American public as though they're the smartest people in the world." Are they? "I think they are."

Meanwhile, Mizrahi is also preparing for Fashion's Night Out on September 10 by planning a cabaret act at Bergdorf Goodman. "Honestly, the only thing to do when you do cabaret is do as little as possible, practice as little as possible, because it needs to kind of happen on the spot. No choreographer. No big costume change." He also believes the event itself is important to boost industry sales. "Because just say this: We're not making enough money. We're just not making enough damn money. Okay? And I don't have any kids, but Donna Karan has kids. That she has to send to — I don't know what. Donna Karan has grandkids. Right? Like, seriously. Don't they? Like Michael Kors, does he have a kid? No? But he needs a kid. Michael Kors needs a kid. Seriously. Nobody is selling enough clothes, so you have to get people to the stores — for our children." Of course! That's why we dance, too. For the children.

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