The Box Gets a Break, But Not Mercadito

Will the Box last?
Photo: Mike Duba

The Box's Randy Weiner, who was the most despised person in the room at last week's Community Board 3 SLA meeting, was looking downright chummy with members at last night's full CB3 meeting. When the board announced a motion from the Box and community members to postpone a vote on the club's future until next month, we were shocked. And Weiner noticed. "You're shocked? I can't believe that," he said. "I've been trying to work with these people for months."

Those who weren’t as lucky, however, included Mercadito, who was a no-show at last week’s meeting, and was recommended for a non-renewal. Someone from the resto did actually show up last night, however, saying he was never notified of last week’s meeting. (The statement was quickly shot down by a board member who reminded him that he was indeed called. Oops.) Mercadito’s rep also let the board know that he had removed a controversial bench that neighbors complained blocked the sidewalk, but that was not enough — CB3 took the committee's recommendation, and Mercadito must start again.

And as if Mercadito's case wasn’t bleak enough, community members came out once again to protest Sasha Petraske and T.J. Siegal’s request for a beer and wine license at the Mercury Dime. Residents held up signs saying “Enuf Enuf” and brought more signatures on a petition (now 259 strong) to protest the bar. Petraske must have assumed his fate, as he didn't show at the meeting.

Seymour Burton got a beer and wine license, despite one neighbor accusing the owners of giving "herb lessons to high-schoolers." Seymour Burton will operate as a full-service restaurant and close by 2 a.m. At E.U., Adam Cohn’s’s new partner Jason Hennings was also awarded a conditional extended license in order to serve alcohol out on the sidewalk café.

Finally, Dixon Place got support from the SLA for a full on-premise liquor license. The CB's art council supported its mission as a venue to support local, emerging artists in its new Chrystie Street locale.

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