The Weirdest Running I’ve Seen


New York City is the breeding ground for movements strange, offbeat and kooky. It should surprise no one, then, that the city's seen some unusual running trends recently. Here, some Go Healthy New York contributors tell us what they've seen while out and about:

  • "The barefoot thing is really popular now thanks to Chris MacDougal’s book ‘Born to Run’ (which I recommend) but the strangest things are the Kangoo Moon Bounce Sneakers. It’s basically like running with giant springs on your feet." - Christopher (Twitter)
  • "I'm sure a lot of people would say that barefoot or Vibram FiveFingers running is the weirdest trend they've seen, but I don't think so. For me, the weirdest thing I've seen is running in shoes that use the curved sole and 'toning' technology. It looks odd and is completely antithetical to what your foot does naturally. Not to mention, it's unstable and a bit dangerous. But, to each his or her own." - Brandon, Inwood (Twitter)
  • "I'm always confused when I see people running or jogging in non-running attire. Recently I spotted a middle-aged guy jogging up the East Side of Central Park in khakis and a polo shirt -- he had on an ipod and everything! I've also seen people run races in down parkas. It gets cold in the city, but never THAT cold." - Megan (Twitter)
  • "People really love to dress up to run races. I have seen kilts, big pink tutus, huge wigs, and even a full rhino costume. I'm impressed that people can run so fast with the additional challenge." - Melissa

What is the strangest kind of running you've seen out in New York City? 

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