“Southland” Rises Again

The critically acclaimed, much-loved cop drama "Southland" is set to return to prime-time a week from tomorrow, nearly eight months after its demise at the hands of Jay Leno.

When (parent company) NBC announced last year that they were handing the 10 0'clock hour over to Leno every Monday through Friday night, "Southland," starring "O.C" dreamboat Benjamin McKenzie, was among the victims.

The show was deemed "too dark and gritty" for an 8 or 9 o'clock time slot, so the network canned it shortly before it's second season had been slated to launch. Cue the inevitable howls of outrage across the Internets.

In no time at all TNT began talks with Warner Bros.' sibling John Wells Productions. All 13 episodes will run Tuesday nights at 10 beginning next week.

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