The Scoop on Marc Jacobs' Monday Show

It's already been fairly well-documented that Marc Jacobs' show is going to be a little different this year. Usually a flashbulb seizure-inducing, deafening, wild-joyride-esque melee of craziness, this year's show is apparently a bit more subdued.

The editors' darling has already canceled his much-loved after-party and is now apparently cutting the list of people invited to his usually-massive show by almost half—from 1,100 to 700. And, if you can believe it, the event will be largely celebrity free! That's right, no Victoria Beckham or Lil' Kim to make the show run late—they're all eliminated in favor of fashion's heavyweights like the illustrious Ms. Wintour.

Frankly, returning to New York during a recession might be the best thing that ever happened to Marc Jacobs, whose fiery behavior in 2007 was highly unpopular, and whose ridiculously tardy starts to his presentations has started to get, well, tiresome for many within the industry.

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