Fashion TV's Popularity is Rising

We could have told you this one, but fashion-centric television is nothing short of a major hit for networks and media buyers.  From Rachel Zoe to Project Runway, we think it's obvious why women have turned dressing into a spectator sport. 

Full disclosure: we live, breathe and dream about fashion.  Clothing and the notions around it ranges from outrageous to downright delicious, and everything in between.  Let's come right out with it, fashion is art.  Just as Tiger's perfect swing or the perfect dunk could move a dude to internal tears, so, too, could an impeccable seam along a rich stretch of gabardine or an over-the-top feathered hat on a fictional teenage socialite.  The stories behind it? The stuff of dreams - but not always overtly.  We'd also like to think we're intelligent ladies, and sometimes talking about clothes can come off as, well, shallow.  Put it on television, played out in engaging, technical and drama-filled vignettes, and we've got a justified outlet for our passion.  

WWD pulled together an interesting analysis of the successful sector of entertainment, from the seemingly brainless lust for Rachel Zoe's clothes and catch-phrases to the competitive studio setting of Project Runway challenges, under the nurturing savvy of Tim Gunn.  Shows like Sex and the City and Gossip Girl weave together characters and plotlines enhanced by the visual candy of fantasy wardrobes, which provide ample incentive to watch on their own. And we'd like to think we're (almost) past the point of buying a shirt simply because Serena Van Der Woodsen has it, so we'll claim that 30 minutes of high school shenanigans in high fashion let us see how the pieces really live when worn.  Totally practical.  

All that said, junkies of fashion television unite - you're not alone.

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