The Olsen Twins Talk Fashion with Cathy Horyn

Despite Ashley Olsen being slapped around for last week's comment that she may be done with fashion in a few years because of its egotism, she braved a talk on fall lines for The Row and Elizabeth and James, along with sister Mary-Kate, with The New York Times' Cathy Horyn.  And kudos to the girls, they got rave reviews. 

Horyn traces the Olsens' career from their babyhood on TV to the present, which is filled with a network of fashion industry higher ups, executives, consultants and other employees who all seem to really love their bosses.  We have to concur, The Row and Elizabeth and James, to us, don't even register in the same plane as what normally constitutes a celebrity designer.  Plus, there's a sense that the Olsens didn't just stumble upon a billion-dollar corporation- they know what they're doing.  And that applies to fashion too.  

Even Horyn seemed to join the lovefest, only making slight observations of spare work space and perhaps the girls' signature eccentricity.  Maybe they'll be encouraged to keep at it for a while longer.   

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