The Meat Hook Cooks Up Coronary Creations

Ian Waldie/Getty Images

Tom Mylan, Brent Young and Ben Turley, the trio of butchers opening the Meat Hook Monday in Williamsburg, wear their hearts on their, er, plates. Mylan, formerly of Marlow and Daughters is the butchery equivalent of a starchitect (celebrislicer?) and is unabashed in his love of all things offal. But all three seem to really dig their hearts -- stuffed, seared or skewered.

Mylan and co. told the Daily News how even they were a bit surprised how people took to the coronary culinary creations:

“We [sold] a lot of duck hearts,” says Mylan, 33, of Marlow and Daughters, the Williamsburg shop where the three previously worked. “People think that it will taste like liver or kidneys, which are an acquired taste, but they’re steak-y, so we’ve been turning people on to all these different ways to do heart.”

Young is the heart skewerer. He takes the duck hearts, which are about as big as a large gumball and skewers and sears them. Marlow is the stuffer, fulling pork hearts with rabbit sausage and sewing them shut. “We never thought people would be into stuffed pork hearts,” Turley said. But he tells of people coming back for seconds.

The shop shares its space in a converted warehouse with Brooklyn Kitchen Labs, and will offer cooking and butchering classes. Given the locals appetite for organ meat, and the fact the the fist month of classes are already sold out, the future is looking rosy. Unless you're a duck, of course.

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