The Masked Menace

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Lock up your children (or, at the very least, your garbage cans). Are urban raccoons, rarely seen in these parts, invading Brooklyn?

The existence of this mysterious urban myth had already been proved Wednesday, when he was photographed in Park Slope. Brownstowner reported running into the critter on the way to dinner in Clinton Hill last night (little guy sure gets around), prompting one commenter to say:

"they are SOOOO cute tho! i havent seen one yet. i guess they carry rabies? tell me they carry rabies so i won't be tempted to pet one if i do see one."

For those of you who have never ventured to Westchester, or New Jersey, or Long Island, or Staten Island, or the Bronx, or Brooklyn last winter, here is the rundown: stay away (from the raccoon, that is). He is not a gentle creature. He'll tear your eyes out and go for the soft flesh. Remember Peter Weller in that movie with the huge rat? It's like that. Except worse.

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