The Iron Chef Goes Into The Hot Seat

Yesterday it was announced that Food Network’s Iron Chef Michael Symon was nominated for the James Beard Foundation's Outstanding Chef category, and his Cleveland, Ohio restaurant, Lola, is up for Outstanding Restaurant as well. The chef will be one of the Burger Bash contenders at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival next week, where he'll try to clinch another win. (His swiss cheese-with-pastrami-piled-on Fat Doug Burger took the People's Choice last year.)

The Feast L.A. caught up with Symon in the kitchen of his new DogTown Loft in Venice, where he is now spending a good deal of time. Naturally, this is fueling rumors of a pending L.A. opening. "Initially we said absolutely not, but my wife loves it here so she keeps pushing to do something," says the chef.

What we did find out about Symon is that bean curd—more than anything else—makes his blood boil, and that his grandpa was trendy long before any of us were. Hit play to get more. [The Feast]

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