The Hog Pit Opens at 26th & Broadway

Does the downtown dive lose its charm in translation?

Chris Hondros/Getty Images

So back in April, we heard about how the Hog Pit, that West 13th Street bastion of BBQ, PBR and whiskey (for which there is -- thankfully -- no acronym) was being given the squeeze by its landlord. The storied Meatpacking District dive would have to pony up $40,000 a month to continue at its current location (that's a lot of fried pickles, people) - and blogger NY Barfly aptly noted that with the Pit's closing, the "meat" in the neighborhood's name was officially a misnomer. Owner Flea Dell wouldn't quit, and we were pleased to hear that the Pit had secured a spot up in the Flatiron.

The new Hog opened on Saturday, and Barfly gives us a report from the front lines. In a nutshell: bigger - much bigger. Barfly calls it "industrial scale," bemoaning the lack of roadhouse vibe, the lack of seediness, the too-loud music and too-bright lights. (He may as well be describing the new Times Square.) Read the full report, and remember: The original Hog Pit is still open until early in January, kids. Be sure to swing by one last time.

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