The Hog Pit Opens at 26th & Broadway

Does the downtown dive lose its charm in translation?

So back in April, we heard about how the Hog Pit, that West 13th Street bastion of BBQ, PBR and whiskey (for which there is -- thankfully -- no acronym) was being given the squeeze by its landlord. The storied Meatpacking District dive would have to pony up $40,000 a month to continue at its current location (that's a lot of fried pickles, people) - and blogger NY Barfly aptly noted that with the Pit's closing, the "meat" in the neighborhood's name was officially a misnomer. Owner Flea Dell wouldn't quit, and we were pleased to hear that the Pit had secured a spot up in the Flatiron.

The new Hog opened on Saturday, and Barfly gives us a report from the front lines. In a nutshell: bigger - much bigger. Barfly calls it "industrial scale," bemoaning the lack of roadhouse vibe, the lack of seediness, the too-loud music and too-bright lights. (He may as well be describing the new Times Square.) Read the full report, and remember: The original Hog Pit is still open until early in January, kids. Be sure to swing by one last time.

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