The Day NYC Got a Taste of London

Hello again. Today on Feast, nose-to-tail loving Brit chef Fergus Henderson attracted the upper echelon of fooderati to his pop-up lunch at Barbuto, and he's serving the same menu for tonight dinner too. Feast TV captured Andrew Zimmern confessing that his favorite foods are not "Bizarre," and caught up with Florence Fabricant, who revealed her number one rule of etiquette.

Finally adding to blockbuster summer food news, Ditch Plains, Calexico, and Blue Marble Ice Cream are among the concessions confirmed to open at Pier 1 in Brooklyn Bridge Park by mid-July. Now go get yourself a Humm Dog, or something that aims to sound as delicious. And don't forget free Grom gelato after noon tomorrow. Hey, anything's better than baby food.

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